Fragile Creatures – Can You

Back with new material from their forthcoming EP and follow up to debut album ‘And Other Wild Things’.

Can You? is a new taste in the mouth from them, on first note it plunges you in to a darker psych sound which you have not heard from them before. The instrumentation echoes The Doors if they were potentially tripping on a faster paced substance, some sort of ‘fear and loathing’ style concoction. But this is met with the sweet indie melodies on vocals, which is more reminiscent to Fragile Creatures previous set of recordings.

The song races along at a fast pace and doesn’t hold up, feeling like I am looking out of a train window running through some rich psychedelic landscape. All of a sudden about 2 minutes in it crashes in to a full on space out session, everything is flying around everywhere. But luckily before you lose your mind you are back on the tracks and the fuzzy guitar gives you a friendly hug. The energy steps up at this point and runs through the chorus again giving you the post trip euphoria.

Loving this new direction they are heading in and I am looking forward to hearing the rest of their new tracks.

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