Bloom – Escape

When I first heard the new track by Bloom I thought it sounded like it had collided with a Sega Mega Drive, with its quantized synths, fast pace drums and frantic melody. I have always been a big fan of computer game music which is why I automatically loved the tune and the ZX spectrum style music video. Though the song is not an 8 bit nostalgia gimmick, it is a meld of kraut rock, psych and electro pop. This is a match made in heaven with the distorted and repetitive synth and drums.

People who have heard Bloom before will know one of the dominating factors of their music is the sweet and intricate close vocal harmonies that follow their acrobatic melody lines. Escape is a great example of this as the melodies are super catchy and the harmonies are clever and precise. But you are thrown in the chorus when the vocals go in two different directions, where two memorable melody lines do separate little dances around and within each other.

This song is part of a double a side which is being self-released digitally and put out as a 300 run of pretty violet 7” marbled wax. It is from their upcoming album due out late 2019 and produced by AK/DK’s Ed Chivers. Keep your ear to the ground as we are expecting great sounds!

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